By Grace Disabled & Orphans Centre welcomes individuals to assist the Centre in any way they feel led. Former volunteers have blessed the Centre in a myriad of ways, some financially, others by simply spending time with the children. We encourage all of our guests to feel free to leave their unique imprint in a way that reflects their experience.

By Grace Disabled & Orphans Centre is an on-going ministry dedicated to changing the lives of Kenya’s 3 million and rising HIV/AIDS orphaned population. Our mission of reaching out to the widows and orphans is upheld on a daily basis.  We have been welcoming and receiving International volunteers and visitors since 2003, and have hosted over one hundred guests. While in Kenya, volunteers will embark upon a journey to extend a helping hand during their stay.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, which allow the volunteer to select the extent and nature of their participation at By Grace Centre. All volunteers will benefit from a uniquely Kenyan experience, through learning about the language and culture of the country during their stay. We do not offer any assistance with additional individual travel within Kenya or beyond. Said endeavors are solely the responsibility of each volunteer.

By Grace Disabled & Orphans Centre is dedicated to offering our volunteers several elements which we feel will enrich their stay:

  • an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of over 230 orphans
  • assist the local Kenyan volunteer staff
  • enjoy a meaningful stay with a caring Kenyan host family
  • experience the rich tapestry of Kenya’s colorful country

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