Pixie Fennessey-Woolen; Decatur, IL (USA)

I had the fortunate experience of visiting By Grace the last week of May and the first week of June in 2005. Another staff member, at the college I teach at, organized a trip to By Grace for students and community members. A teacher was needed for the trip so I volunteered. Working with the children and volunteer staff at By Grace has had a great impact on my life. The children are amazing. They have all ended up at By Grace due to extreme tragedies which have occurred in their lives. However, they have hope and very kind spirits. I believe they feel safe at By Grace. The children I got to know were all loving, polite, and very hard working students in the classes which I taught.

Since, being at By Grace I have had to re-evaluate the things I tend to get upset about. I realized that, as compared to what these brave children have had to deal with at such an early age in life, my own personal struggles are rather trivial. I also was very impressed with the time, energy, and love that all the full-time local Kenyan volunteers and Salome dedicate to the children. I have been so affected by this experience that I will be returning to By Grace. I have started sponsoring a child and hope I can do more for these beautiful children and dedicated teachers and caretakers of these children. I encourage others to volunteer or donate to By Grace. It has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. I have returned feeling I received more from the children than I could have ever give them. They have touched my heart.”

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