Volunteer Accommodation

Each volunteer who comes to work at By Grace Centre will be graciously received by a Kenyan host family. This unique cultural experience is a highlight of the volunteer’s stay.  Our host families comprise of warm, caring individuals who enjoy sharing their home, food, language, and culture with volunteers from around the world.  Host families provide comfortable lodging and three meals a day, arrange for transportation to and from the airport, and provide information on local travel and entertainment opportunities.  Upon confirmation of your acceptance as a volunteer, you will receive contact information for your host family, including an email and postal address.  Many volunteers and host families enjoy learning more about each other prior to the volunteer’s stay.  Get to know your host family while you are in Kenya. Bring photos of your family and friends to share with your host family. They have been hosting international visitors from a variety of countries and backgrounds, and thus have been exposed to several different traditions and customs from respective countries.

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