Background information

By Grace Disabled Orphans Center (BGDOC) is a Charitable Child-based organization whose mandate is centered on child support and protection through capacity building and the provision of direct essential services to the needy children, mostly orphans.

BGDOC was started in the year 2002 and later registered in 2004 as community based organization (CBO). The Centre is situated at Kayole Estate and Tassia in Embakasi central and Embakasi West Constituencies respectively.

By Grace Disabled Orphans Center doesn’t have stable sponsors but once in while we get donations from well-wishers and friends. As a ministry the institution was founded through faith and commitment since there was nothing called resources available.

The founder, Salome Wambui Muturi who was by then experienced community worker and a volunteer of child protection started the Centre in its current place ((Kayole) and Within a span of one and half years, the Centre grew up tremendously with a steady population growth of orphans, vulnerable children particularly victims of Gender Based violence (GBV) and windows from the society.

During this time a lot of challenges were experienced and only few individuals from community could understand the vision behind establishment of the Centre and whom thorough their efforts by grace was able to overcome the tough initial challenges such as lack of food and clean drinking water among others

Despite of great challenges and setbacks, the management remained focuses on its initial objectives touching the needy and up to date more than 2,500 needy people from the community have benefited from the facility in one way or another currently the Centre is supporting a population of about 240 children through the following areas


Initially it was very tough to learn and educate children, a situation that forced the management to create spaces in the very small compound for classes. This was the only option that was available considering that some of our children are victims of GBV, Sexual abuse and many other related cases who were placed in the Centre for care and protection and could pose the risk of their wellbeing if they were exposed outside.

Since 2003 up to date more than 1,500 pupils and students have benefited academically from the Centre. People from community could come and volunteer to teach, donate some learning materials and so on until the learning environment was grounded.

Todate the Centre has school facility with classes running from baby class up to form four where by the children who are under our care are tought free. In addition to this, By Grace Disabled Orphans Centre(BGDOC) has recently managed to educate over 80 college and university students in various academic areas through the help well-wishers and Government.

 Care for HIV/AIDS Patients

By grace disabled orphans Centre has been recognized and certified for taking care of HIV/AIDS victims. The Centre takes care of both children and adults especially windows of the said circumstances or any other related issues and well known for its tremendous efforts social and psychological support from the surrounding health facilities. For now we have over 25 HIV/AIDS patients under our care.

Outreach programs

The increased number of adults such as windows and vulnerable families in our society created a pave way for an outreach programme.

This is the programme that was established in order to cater the needs of people that are outside the Centre. Majority of these people have the common related problems many of which are poverty related issues. As a result many of them had given up in their lives but after inception of the ideal many of them have greatly improved their life styles.

By grace Disabled Orphans Centre has committed to look after the welfare of these category of people and through the little efforts we have been putting in place , we have seen a lot of changes in their lives.

As we moved on we realized that some of these people did not need a lot, they just needed little support and encouragement in order for them to move on in their lives. For now we have more than 200 women that are registered in our Centre as beneficiaries. Many of them have their families and grand children living with them.
In order to cater for their low income families we encourage the women to engage in local income generating activities under the leadership of their chair persons and we have seen this working.

Through capacity building and little trainings, the women in their respective groups have managed to come up with several projects such as matt making, making of detergents and baskets for selling. When they sell they are able to support their families in various ways as we support them with little we have. To easy them with great burden of their families we have been also supporting them with food, clothes and any other thing we have that can support them.


Challenges are the common barriers/obstacles in any developmental project and just like any other institution we have daily main challenges. Some of the challenges that we are experiencing are as follows.

Land for settlement

For a long time we have been looking for a place to settle within our community area but because of financial crisis and many other challenges, our dream of securing a good place with conducive environment to build for bringing up the children is not yet achieved.

Up to date we are still living in rental apartments that are paid monthly.

As a result this has been one of the most challenging situations that has brought a lot of limitations in the progress of the Centre.

We have been dreaming of opening up vocational training centers to train children with special needs and those who complete form four and class eight from our Centre but this has not been achieved because of lack a place to table the projects.

Essential services

By Grace Disabled and Orphans Centre largely depends on community donors. 90% of our resources such as food stuffs, clothings and some stationaries like text books are donated by well-wishers from our community.

However there are some of the things like Hospital bills, Electrical bills, logistics, school learning materials and essential goods like sanitary towels for girls and dippers for small kids are still a big challenge to us.


for any institution to work successfully towards the attaining of its objectives, committment and a dedication is one of the key requirements. By Grace Could not have achieved its goals without who have been working in and out especially in academic sector to ensure that children are learning daily.

90% percent of the staff are the former beneficiaries from the facility who come back to teach and share knowledge to other students in both primary and secondary section. As an institution we have been looking forward to pay them and also hire some other more qualified teaching staff but still again because of financial problems this is not is therefore another limitation that has slowed down the process of learning and other activities in various department within the facility.

The above are just but a few among many other challenges that the Centre is facing daily.

In conclusion we are all grateful and thankful to the almighty God for giving us the opportunity to serve his people in fulfilment of HIS word in JAME:1, 27.
Keep us in your prayers for God to guide us and open doors for us.

God bless you all for you prayers and support.



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