Our new car

This is a miracle we neve thought of during this hard times!!

We now own a Car through the support of our dear supporters in Germany.

For a period of years now, we have been getting so much donations from a church called JesusZentrum located in Gelnhausen Germany and has really stood with us in  great way.Now that the church organisation is not available anymore, they got another church called Biblische Gemeinde B├╝dingen (www.jesus-live.de) which amazigly took over and is now our direct support connection from Germany. Any donation within Europe or anywhere can be sent through this Church adress and will reach us safely.

This Car is such a great help now that we have a Branch in Donholm phase 5 where we have the small kids and are now able to drive back and forth and serve our kids faster!! We thank Go for this far.

2020 was hard but we saw God moving in such a mighty way through this two Church communities in Germany and also many other here in Kenya.

We count ourselves blessed!

This is an answered prayer and we believe that God is touching you to be part of our family supporters


May God bless you

 Mum Salome Muturi.

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