Childhood Education

Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable and excluded groups in the world. Labeling, neglect, and stereotyping are some of the social barriers that children with disabilities and their families face in society. Public opinion plays a major role in creating an environment that promotes the rights of vulnerable children and empowers them.

Every child is valuable in his or her own way. If a child has physical or mental disability, that does not mean that he or she cannot make a valuable contribution to the community and society.

Equal Opportunities

Early Childhood Education

Young children are not like other students. Their needs are unique and you must be aware of this. It is important to understand that you could be one of the first adults a young child has interacted with outside of his or her own family. The separation from their parents in the beginning can be difficult, and a teacher must help them through this transition. A child can become very attached to you as a “substitute” for their parents, or they may shun you completely. Great teachers are adaptable to the emotional reactions of their students. And when it comes to your students’ interactions with other children, this can be one of the first times they interact with children their age. A teacher’s role often becomes that of mediator when children have problems sharing or learning how to get along.

Dreams and Ambitions

At young and tender ages children often learn alot from their environment. We try as much as we can to shape the lives and dreams of the children under our care and protection as per their dreams and ambitions. No child has a dream too far fetched. We, the community and the will power of the child work together to ensure that every single child gets a chance to be dependable people in the society.