Our Policies

Quality Policy

The BGDOC management and staff are committed to offer quality Children empowerment services that enable entrepreneurship. This will be made possible through the provision of basic child support services that exceed Client expectations.

Policy Statement

As a child based private non-governmental organization, we are committed to ensure accessibility and sustainability of child empowerment and support services for all the people in Embakasi sub-county, Nairobi County irrespective of the race, tribe or political affiliation. Further this will be done without restriction as to color, disability or handicap, national origin, religious creed or sex. The children empowerment committee of the organization acts and operates in accordance with guidelines determined by the lending agency and may offer money to train and offer child support funds. The services will be availed to any Child who seeks the same as long as: That client or child is genuinely seeking that assistance within the acceptable need parameters and that

  • The money and other Children empowerment services and, facilities as well as personnel appropriate for that course are available.
  • Within the space available in particular programmes, services shall be offered preferentially to those who are most needy children.
  • Positive collaborations: encourage synergy and facilitate collaborative and cooperative efforts among the various social groups within Nairobi County.
  • Hard work: be diligent in all engagements and discharge duties with genuine passion and dedication.
  •  Honesty and adherence to ethical practices.
  • Teamwork: uphold teamwork and collaboration in order to realize the synergies of working together.
  •  Diversity: respect all persons, their differences, and the community they form; acknowledging that appreciation of diversity of thought and expression is the foundation of a vibrant intellectual environment.
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Open communication and mutual respect
  • Transparency, accountability and personal responsibility